Ecoshopper respects our planet

"Eco" thinking

Ecoshopper explores sustainable and eco-innovative materials, with particular attention to environmental and social aspects.
Our goal is to create innovative products while respecting the environment.


We offer recyclable and ecological products, made using recyclable and degradable materials such as TNT, PP Fabric, RPET and natural ones such as Jute, Cotton, Cork and Bamboo as well as the innovative Juco, obtained from a mix of cotton and jute.​


We create reusable products following the change in style, fashion trends and respect for the environment. The reusability, combined with the possibility of customizing the print, will ensure that the product acts as an advertising poster, promoting your brand.​

Ecological thinking

Our products are at the forefront of materials and eco-sustainability. A new way of advertising, an agile and effective tool to extend the emotionality of purchasing.​

Our certifications

A sustainable program based on company and product certifications



FSC certified products are products made with cellulose coming from responsibly managed forests, to achieve an ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically sustainable use of natural resources; provision of ecosystem services to avoid deterioration or misuse of those resources, ecosystems or surrounding communities.​


GRS Global Recycle Standard

All products with the GRS Global Recycle Standard certificate are made from certified materials. This means that the products are obtained from recycled materials. This certification enhances products made with recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all phases of the production chain.​